Teleperformance opens a new invite for tech profiles

Teleperformance, a French multinational with a presence in Colombia, Post a call to recruit 5,000 new profiles. The Outsourcing and Employment (BPO) sector is one of the sectors that employs the most professionals in the country, especially young people looking for a first work experience.

Specifically, in search of new talents, Teleperformance in its calling among its positions has 3,500 bilingual profiles and 1,500 in Spanish.

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What vacancies are available for work in tp?

The tech company has launched new invites for roles in:

  • Technical Support
  • Translation
  • Social Networks (Social Media)
  • Content moderation
  • Customer service
  • sales (sales)
  • digital sales (digital sales)
  • and other technology-focused roles.

TP has gradually become one of the big players in the technology sector, It brings together the best human talent and the power of technology through analytics, cybersecurity, virtual reality, gaming and more.

The French multinational was recently recognized as One of the best places to work in Colombia for the fifth year in a row, It is also part of the comprehensive corporate ‘ranking’ in Colombia.

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It is important to highlight that young people often face a harsh reality and this is the case There are few job opportunities they apply for because many companies require prior experience.

For requirements and calls, visit

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