Taylor Swift, a new record: He took the top ten in the US rankings

Taylor Swift He broke another record: his last album, midnightwhich was already the most downloaded on Spotify in the twenty-four hours after its publication, on October 21, has now entered the top 100 in all top ten rankings painting. Swift is the first artist to do so in the over sixty-four year history of the world’s most popular music rating. A year ago, in September, drake He made nine of the top ten with his album Adopted beloved boy. Nine out of ten. Taylor did it in Blaine. The most popular song this week is against the heroranked first in the top 100. Follow Lavender HazeAnd the maroonAnd the Snow falling on the beachAnd the midnight rainAnd the bejeweledAnd the A question …?And the are you aloneAnd the BabyAnd the Karma And the wake up shit. Even a music lover who does not know the artist will not have other excuses from today, given the arrangement.

with its monopoly in paintingand 44 minutes of electronics and synth pop, album midnight I also beat me the Beatles As the most songs on the charts in one week and making history even among women, for the number of songs that entered the top 10: 40, more than two Madonna. But added to the dollar numbers collected: in the first week in the US alone, more than one and a half million copies were sold, the biggest result seven years later. 25 From Adele, which recorded a surge of three and a half million records sold, but for live broadcasting it was another era. Now, the ability to download songs has rewrote the history of music and recording works, but Swift works just fine on both entries. midnight It’s also the singer’s fifth album to sell at least 1 million copies in its first week. It will also be sold out for the surprise tour announced on social media: tour of the ages It will start next March 18th at Glendale State Farm Stadium and will run for 27 dates through August 5th at the SoFi Satdium in Los Angeles. “The first part of the tour will be in American stadiums, but other international dates will be announced as soon as possible.”

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What makes it so exceptional? A combination of quality. Taylor is not only one of the most innovative voices of the 21st century but a perfect marketing machine. While other big names like drakeAnd the Post Malone And the Kendrick Lamar Recording lower than expected numbers, she promoted her album with a series of videos on TikTok and a little tasting here and there on social networks to celebrate the countdown, and to raise expectations for what would soon become the music event at the end of 2022. “Taylor is able to create a record-breaking event from the end of 2022,” commented the director. zero” painting Keith Caufield.


The world of music is also changing at a crazy pace. The search for CDs and vinyl is less: in the US they only account for 10 percent of revenue, while the bulk of the pie, 84 percent, comes from streaming. However, with Swift, fans also want something tangible and she has added additional pop covers and tracks to please the audience. Thus, 575,000 vinyl copies, 395,000 CDs, and 10,000 tapes were sold in the United States. To which 161 thousand digital copies must be added. We forgot: 575,000 copies on vinyl represent record sales in thirty-one years. During the broadcast, the disc had already been downloaded 549 million times. This year was the album that came close to that number Un verano sin t Puerto Rican rapper bad bunny, with 357 million streams. By reaching the eleventh place in the rankings paintingSwift equals Bruce SpringsteenAnd the Barbra Streisand And the drake. Single Jay Zfourteen, and the Beatles, with nineteen, they had more tracks in first place. But Taylor, 32, has plenty of time to set other records.

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