Tata Martino no longer wants games in the US: ‘We have to get out of this comfort zone’

DrAnd face the duel This Thursday against Uruguay,Gerardo Martino spoke at a press conference, where he indicated that the Mexican national team will have to face other competitors To get out of the comfort zone.

Mexico needs to go out and look for competitors: “Actually, Phoenix and Dallas and all the areas of the United States that we have to play in because there are so many Mexicans and we feel comfortable. Coming to play in the States is to be in a comfortable area, we have to get out of that area.”

Regarding a possible call from Julio Verch: “Yes, of course that would be an option, but he himself said that he is not ready, there is room for everyone, we have five months and each of us will fight. As long as we decide well, Mexico will be able to fight in the world.”

Is the League of Nations obstructing Mexico?: “Yes, but that would be to engage in an exchange that doesn’t lead us anywhere. The Nations League is what we have to play and we have to play. Mexico always qualifies for the World Cup but they still need to trade with others. Kinds of competitors. I don’t think there is a region Others in the world where it’s great to change from playing in your area to going out with higher ranked competitors.”

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Comparison between Argentina and Uruguay: “I will not point out any similarities between Uruguay and Argentina, except that they are two South American teams and they manage very good individual teams.”

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Absence of Atlas players: “The doors are open to everyone. It is noteworthy that the two-time champion has not played in any national team but Atlas has a lot of foreigners, and this is the backbone but the doors are not closed to anyone or any Atlas player.”

Competitors in preparation for Qatar: “We can’t always pick the opponents we need, we’ve tried to play against opponents like those in the World Cup but it’s not easy. We’re still trying to put an end to the World Cup preparations”

Few minutes in some selected: “Obviously the player who has more chances to play this chapter with his team has more chances of being on the final list for the World Cup, so there are other factors.”

The importance of these friendly matches: “No player would risk being involved in the World Cup in a match but every match counts. I think we still have some players whose futures are undecided.”

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