Tampere Fair will host the first Finnish tour of the Padel World Tour

Finland will host the first World Padel Tour event in its history, by implementing Tampere Fair In the 2022 season. The northernmost event in the history of the Badel World Tour will take place between June 30 and July 3, during the weeks when the sun does not set in the northern country.

It is reported that “the 2022 Circuit is the largest and most international in the history of the Badil World Tour.” Mario HernandoGeneral Manager of the World Padel Tour.

For more information, visit the event’s official website padelopen.fi

With just over 5.5 million residents in all, Finland has over 60,000 racket tennis players and 650 courts spread across the country. If this trend continues, in 2023 the Scandinavian country will reach 100,000 players and more than 1,000 stadiums. In contrast, Finland offers many outdoor experiences during the summer since the sun does not set at any time, and allows any player to practice padel with natural light at any time of the day.

“Finland has racket fever,” adds Alexei Janti, Tampere’s deputy mayor. “It’s exciting to finally have the official World Padel Tour event in Finland, especially during the summer weeks when the sun doesn’t set.”

Tampere Expo 2022 will attract both local and international fans to Tampere to enjoy the best couples in the world.

Check all the information in padelopen.fi

In addition to the midnight sun and the nature that surrounds the city, Tampere also offers great authentic sauna experiences, with the city being known as the ‘Sauna Capital of Finland’.

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“Tampere is a safe and magical summer town surrounded by nature, perfect for welcoming the global exchange community into the city to enjoy the event and so much more,” he says. Ito Rakula, Founder of the local padel club Padel Tampere.

Tampere is located in western Finland, just two hours from the capital, Helsinki. The event will be held at the Tampere Ice Stadium, or Hakamitsa, As the locals know it, it is the oldest hockey stadium in Finland. The venue has hosted many prestigious sporting events, such as the European and World Championships in Boxing, Wrestling and Ice Hockey. With a capacity of 7,300 people, it is the perfect venue to host the first Finnish tour of the World Padel Tour.

The organizer of Tampere Expo 2022 says: “We are impatient to be able to announce the first players who will be taking part in the event. It will be an unforgettable week for the Padel community around the world. Tickets will go on sale in February”, Marco Cusisto.

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