Taliban delegation arrives in Switzerland to learn about human rights and humanitarian aid | Europe update | Dr..

A Taliban delegation is visiting Switzerland for talks with officials and NGOs on access to humanitarian aid and human rights, according to the Swiss Foreign Ministry.

“Members of the delegation will hold talks on humanitarian access to needy populations, the protection of humanitarian workers and respect for human rights,” a foreign ministry spokeswoman told AFP. “Protecting children during conflict and managing land contaminated with mines is also on the agenda of the talks, which are being held in an atmosphere of secrecy,” he added.

According to the Swiss news agency ATS Keystone, the Afghan delegation is headed by Mufti Latifullah Hakimi, a senior official in the Ministry of Defense and head of the committee to identify abuses within the movement.

Discussions are also scheduled with representatives of other European countries, according to the American news agency (ATS). The non-governmental organization that invited the Taliban is Geneva Call, an organization that attempts to promote the application of international humanitarian law by groups

For its part, the International Committee of the Red Cross confirmed that it also intends to hold a meeting with the Afghan delegation. “This dialogue is necessary to fulfill our strictly neutral and impartial humanitarian mission. We will continue this dialogue with a high-level delegation from the International Energy Agency (Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan) in Geneva this week and hope that the discussions will be constructive,” a spokesperson for the International Committee of the Red Cross said. (afp)

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