“Taboo” and esoteric atmosphere and conspiracies. Must see on Netflix

A series designed, produced and executed by Tom Hardy, with written collaborations by Stephen Knight and with the assistance of Ridley Scott

Alberto Rivaroli
April 13, 2022 at 08:22

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His name is James Keziah Delaney and not much is known about him: he has spent several years in Africa, shrouded in mystery, and now (we are in 1814) is back in London for his father’s funeral and to inherit his estate. A ghost destined to make a lot of noise… It starts like this “Muharram”Series designed, produced, and interpreted by Tom Hardywho was able to count on the writing collaboration of Stephen Knight (the mastermind of “Peaky Blinders”) and the help of Ridley Scott, co-producer here.

Suggested by Sky in 2017, the year of release, “Taboo” premieres today on Netflix, ready to impress Hardy fans. Not only for his character, designed specifically to enhance the actor’s physicality and charisma, but for a plot that blends esoteric atmosphere with political and commercial intrigue: Delaney actually owns a strip of land of extraordinary strategic importance, which tempts the mighty Indies Company. No matter how shrewd and resolute, he will find it difficult to defend his rights … A very well shot and better acted series, which should not be missed.

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