Switzerland’s border voting, streaming, organ donation

Switzerland must agree on Sunday in polls to fund European border agency Frontex, a commitment by broadcasting platforms to invest in national audiovisual aids and a presumed approval of organ donation.

The vast majority of residents voted by mail in the three to four weeks before the referendums.

You should find out the first voting trends in the afternoon.

According to the gfs.Bern institute, the three issues on the table should get a yes vote, although opposition to the change to the film law, against which the right-wing media held a referendum, continues to grow.

This regulation, called Lex Netflix, will force streaming platforms to invest 4% of their sales in Switzerland in Swiss audiovisual creativity, co-production or pay a fee to support cinema.

This obligation applies to foreign channels that broadcast advertisements for Switzerland.

On the other hand, streaming platforms will be obligated to offer 30% European content, as is already the case in the European Union.

The Swiss must also agree to their country’s participation in boosting the controversial Frontex agency, a reform approved by the European Parliament four years after the migration crisis in 2015.

The Frontex reform aims to provide it with a permanent European body of 10,000 border and coast guards by 2027.

Currently, the agency has more than 1,500 agents from different member states, and is regularly accused, particularly by NGOs, of illegal returns practices of migrants and its French head resigned at the end of April after a European anti-fraud investigation. office. headquarters. center.

On Sunday, the Swiss must also agree to move to the principle of “presumed consent” for organ donation, a procedure that has already been adopted by many European countries.

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Today, a person who wants to donate their organs must give their consent while they are still alive. Those who do not wish to donate their organs must explicitly indicate this – as expected in polls – if the transplant law amendment is accepted.

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