Switzerland wins with Egypt in the draw (28-36)

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A comfortable victory for Switzerland over willing Egypt, which was far from balancing the match.

The start of the 2022 Spain International Championship measured Egypt and Switzerland in the first match, a duel in which the Central European team dominated the match and led the Egyptian team in the draw. From the start, Switzerland has dominated the scoreboard, firmly behind defenders with Schaubbach and a stronger defense than the locals.

Egypt barely scored six goals in the first quarter of the hour, already putting Switzerland with a comfortable advantage in their favour (6-13). Despite the fact that Egypt was finding spaces when it came to digging the Swiss area, these convenient, quick attacks and counterattacks would end up leaving a juicy advantage with nine targets at rest (13-22).

Only in the second half, Switzerland’s income was reduced to less than ten goals, with the attacks of one and the other adding goals, without Switzerland being able to put more territory between them or allow Egypt to reduce the differences. In North Africa, Hassan’s five goals and the rest distributed to the team left them feeling better in the final stage, improving their performance.

Despite this, Switzerland managed their income well with Emniger as top scorer with his seven goals, and despite the fact that his scoring efficiency in the final stage was low, the bottom line would end in favor of the Swiss to add the first win for the competition.

data sheet:

Egypt (28): Osama, Hajjaj, Talaat (1), Haitham (1), Ayman (3), Wazir (3) and Ibrahim (2) – seventh place – Abdel Moneim and Othman (ps), Akush, Ismail (2). Osama and Muhammad (2), Musa (3), Khaled and Masri (3), Mahmoud (3), Hassan (5) and Mukhtar. Coach: Ramy Mohamed.

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Switzerland (36): Schupbach, Gautschi (1), Emmenegger (7), Schmid (6), Kundig (2), Hodel and Riner (6) – seventh start – Brutsch (ps), Wick (1), Frey (1 ) ), Stutz (1), Hess (2), Djokovic, Kahr, Alther (2), Bucher (5), Eugster (2) and Albrecht (1). Coach: Martin Albertsen.

Partial: 1-4, 4-8, 6-13, 7-16, 10-19, 13-22-interval-14-23- 17-26, 20-28, 22-32, 25-35 and 28- 36- end-

Referee: Huz Fernandez and Reluba Pereda.

Accidents: Palace of Sport Torrevieja.

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