Switzerland, closer to breaking its permanent neutrality and confronting Russia

And thepresident of switzerland, Ignatius Cassis He said on Sunday that It was very likely that the neutrality that the Helvetian state has maintained throughout history, Without participating in either of the two world warsIt will come to an end and Follow in the European Union’s footsteps by imposing sanctions on Russia and freezing assets in the alpine country.

cassis, In an interview with Swiss public television, he said the seven-member Federal Council will meet on Monday and review recommendations from the finance and economy ministries. When asked whether Switzerland, a major financial and commodity trading center, would follow the European Union in freezing Russian assets, he said: “It is very likely that the government will decide to do this tomorrow (today), but I cannot anticipate decisions that have not yet been made.”

Despite these statements, he stressed that Switzerland’s neutrality must be preserved And they are ready to provide diplomatic assistance if talks between Ukrainian and Russian officials on the border with Belarus do not succeed.

“That doesn’t stop us from calling things by their name.”

Switzerland has walked a fine line between showing solidarity with the West and maintaining its traditional neutrality, which the government says it can make “potential intermediary”.

However, it is facing increasing pressure to stand clearly with the West against Moscow and impose sanctions from the European Union. So far, the government has only said that it will not allow Switzerland to be used as a platform to circumvent European Community sanctions, but it will not allow it to do so. It is forbidden to name things by their name.

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Switzerland extends its hand to Ukraine

Cassis He also said that Ukrainians fleeing the conflict would be welcome “During a transition period we hope it will be as short as possible”. In addition to the Minister of Justice, Karen Keeler Sutter, He made it clear that Switzerland was ready to receive those in need of protection and also to support the affected neighboring countries: We will not leave people in trouble.

The Swiss government last week modified its watch list to track 363 people and four companies that the European Union has placed on a sanctions list to punish Moscow. and the Russians It had approximately 10.4 billion Swiss francs ($11.24 billion) in Switzerland in 2020as evidenced by data from the Swiss National Bank.

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