Switzerland accuses Italy of knowingly Google search!

The Helvetians lost to England at Wembley but their fans had to speak with a clever piece of cloth, which reflected an unsuccessful search on the internet portal.

Ways to charge an opponent always find a better way, and this Saturday fans Swiss Take the challenge to the next level. at Wembleywhere your choice Already qualified for the World Cup Qatar 2022, and played and lost a friendly match against England 2-1, Helvetians shine in the stands A piece of cloth with a shout out to Italy, which Macedonia recently removed in the race to the World Cup.

Switzerland, although it does not maintain a historic rivalry with Italy in football, took the opportunity to spend its neighboring country, which He beat Group C in the UEFA qualifiers by two points, while Azzura had the start of the end.

The science that quickly spread widely Search the Google portal that reads FIFA World Cup Italy Qatar 2022. The following is asked by the search engine as it usually does when an error is detected: “Do you mean Switzerland?”

More repercussions of Italy’s exit towards the Qatar World Cup 2022

Azura coach Roberto Mancini broke the silence this Saturday, defending him on his social media: “Sometimes football can be a cruel metaphor for life. Last summer we were at the top of Europe after completing one of the most beautiful achievements in the history of the national team (becoming European champions). A few hours. We woke up to one of the most exciting points. We’ve gone from complete happiness to frustrated frustration. It’s really hard to accept, but also acceptance Life’s defeats are part of a healthy trajectory of human and athletic growth. Let’s take the time to think and understand clearly. The only correct posture now is to raise the head and work for the future. Thank you to the fans of Palermo for the warmth and thanks to all the fans who have always shown enthusiasm and affection.”

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