Swiss skaters at the World Cup must stop their ice training

Radical heads and tails this year regarding snow conditions on the planet. while in Northern Hemisphere Rising temperatures and droughts are draining glaciers, In the southern part The ski resorts have a great season. Low temperatures and frequent snowfalls in South America (Argentina and Chile) and Oceania (Australia and New Zealand.

The situation is serious in Europe. Weather conditions damage glaciers that, if ever, could take years to recover. There are no open glaciers in France. The Stelvio In Italy which only opens in summer it was alsointerrupt temporarily Its operations in Switzerland yesterday no less than Zermatt announce it It is also paused Until the situation changed.

in Switzerland stay Saas . feeJust Open for sports who booked the track. But of the 20 kilometers that are usually opened at this time of year, hardly left half And in a very fair situation.

Faced with this volatility, the Swiss Alpine Ski World Cup racers have been He found himself with no options to be able to train. They usually stay indoors in July and at the end of August, when the high season in the southern hemisphere begins to decline, they go to the slopes of South America. But the union is considering leaving now.

Everything was ready for Go to Chile on August 27. A month ago, Justin Morissier, Marco Odermatt and their companions could not let go of the drought. It is not easy to organize a high-level training trip so quickly, but it will be a matter of looking for an alternative ski resort until the officially appointed day.

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The American figure skater who also found herself in trouble Michaela Schiffrin. The World Figure Skating Champion arrived in Zurich last Sunday to train on the Zermatt glacier. You will only be able to do this for a few days since then Sunday closed And the Saas fee there is oberbooking. You’ll likely find another location in New Zealand, where the US ski team usually goes in the summer.

The situation at Saas Fee Gletscher is also worrying

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