Swimmer Anna Ellendt wants to achieve Olympic qualification in Berlin

DrThe melody of speech tells where Anna Ellendt now lives. Last summer, the swimmer moved from her home in Hesse to the University of Austin in Texas, USA. In a system, she says she herself, athletes carry “a silver plate.” The 19-year-old is already making an audible impact on America. Now the student is back in Germany for a week to do what she loves: “Fight me”.

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On Friday (from 10 am), the breast specialist starting at SG Frankfurt will jump into the pool at the Olympic qualifiers in Berlin. The looseness that characterized the young woman from Dreieich-Götzenhain as an early competitive type combined with increased self-confidence. A ticket to Tokyo, which was little more than a sweet dream a year ago, seems achievable.

For one start in Japan, the German record over 100 meters on the chest must drop by 1: 07.01 minutes in the previous or final round. Anna Ellendt, whose best score was 1: 07.50, dares to do so, as well as in the alternate showdown for a relay place against the competition in the final with her hands first on stopping.

Near games

Of course, “everything has to fit” with this. It would be inappropriate to put pressure on yourself. If the trip to Asia does not work out, the former DSW athlete Darmstadt will likely go to the European Championships in Budapest in May. With the exception of medal contenders such as club teammate and former world champion Marco Koch, the Olympic nominees for the German Swimming Association (DFB) are not supposed to start there.

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