Sustainable heating renewal in a small space

The law requires rapid refurbishment of outdated heating systems. But what if space and budget are limited? Hybrid expert BRÖTJE has also tried and tested systems to cope with difficult living situations.

The combination of a condensing boiler and an air / water heat pump with a spool is ideal for upgrading a single family home up to 150 m2 Living space and a small boiler room. The WLS gas condensing boiler provides a heat output of up to 24 kW thanks to the high-efficiency continuously variable pump. With a depth of 28 cm, it also fits into small niches.

The BLW Split-P contributes to a low-emission and cost-effective ambient heat, here in the version with a 6 kW heat output. This particularly space-saving heat pump registers with a built-in 40-liter separation buffer, weather-compensated control and a clear IWR Alpha display. Combined with the EAS-W 300 (B) storage tank, the heat pump can exploit its full potential. The system can also be used to cool the apartment. If a photovoltaic system is available, it is worth adding an electric self-consumption (EER) controller. It automatically feeds excess solar energy into the heating system.

The state provides financial support for the installation of hybrid systems. For example, the BAFA website or KfW provides information on the details. The BRÖTJE Promotion Service can take care of all actions related to the promotion of the BRÖTJE system.

Advantages of the BRÖTJE Hybrid Package “The Compact 1”

  • Hydraulic safety thanks to 40L separation buffer
  • Dual energy – heating and cooling in one system
  • Inexpensive entry to sustainable heating
  • Ultra compact, very little space required
  • The use of PV power with EER accessories is possible

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