Surprised by tractor injury, Dominguez confirms field will not pay unexpected income tax

(Tel Aviv – Special Envoy) Julian Dominguez He does not rest outside the Dan Hotel in Tel Aviv. The Minister of Agriculture was surprised by the protest of the countryside amid his participation in the commercial and political mission headed by the Minister of Interior, Edward Peterto which seven rulers and other officials also arrived.

I do not specialize in analyzing the reasons for the protest. If there is a claim, it will be heard.As we have always done,” says the minister, trying to subtract the political motive from the locomotive that will be erected this afternoon.

Without participating in the tour of the Holy Places, the Western Wall and the Holy Sepulcher, which occupied the delegation during the day, Dominguez asserts Nation The dialogue with the contact table entities is “weekly and continuous.” For him, “Based on the allegations we were dealing with. It is my second department in the ministry and we will always listen to whoever has something to say,” he adds.

The Minister confirms that the field is “outside” of the unexpected income tax presented by the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman, and that he would have to go through a zigzag through Congress. He focuses on the objectives of his participation in the tour that he will discuss tomorrow with his Israeli counterpart.

One of his priorities is to accelerate efforts to transfer irrigation systems to regions of the country and advance the association to export biotechnology, the so-called resistant wheat. Without commenting on the internal aspect, he focuses on “providing solutions” in a ministry that deals with a sector that “generates the main income for the country”.

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He categorically denies that there will be an increase in the ban He also denies the existence of an “ideological struggle” behind the field disputes. He hopes to resume dialogue after the agricultural protest.

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