Sunday stage of the tour: a tour of Switzerland

The ninth stage of the tour will tour Switzerland on Sunday before reaching the border and returning to Châtel, the day before the rest day in Morzine.

Three cantons (Vaud, Fribourg, Valais) will be visited on a route of approximately 192.9 kilometers on Swiss soil. The boundary, above the Morgens Pass, will be 1,377 metres, 8 kilometers from the end.

After setting off, near the UCI headquarters, the race will go along Lake Geneva and pass through the touristy La Gruyere valley, attacking Col de Les Mosses (Class II) and then Col de La Croix, a more difficult climb, classified into Category 1 ( 8.1 km by 7.6%).

The race will pass through Eagle again, to tackle the long ascent of the Morgens Trail (15.4km 6.1%, Category One).

“A breakup made up of good climbers has every chance of success,” predicts the race director, Thierry Giovino, at the end of this stage, down the Abondance Valley, followed by a 4km climb, in many parts. False plain on the heights of Chatel.

The tour arrives for the second time in history at Haute-Savoie (1,200 inhabitants), 47 years after Belgian climber Lucien van Imbe won a time trial.

Departure from Eagle at 12:30 p.m. local time (10:30 GMT) and arrival at Châtel around 5:44 p.m. (3:44 p.m. GMT), according to a schedule calculated at an average speed of 39 km/h.

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