Summer, here’s the trailer for the final season coming to Netflix

The Official Announcement The final season of the summerthe Italian original Netflix series produced by Cattleya – part of ITV Studios – which is expected to hit Netflix on May 4, 2022.

The new adventures of Summer, Ale, Sofia, Edo and Dario will be marked by Vicenza singer-songwriter “Scossa” notes, which can be viewed in the trailer you’ll find below and soon to be released for Sugarmusic. The artist who, after his participation in San Remo, published the 2022 album CADERE VOLARE and continues to give a voice to his generation, to the desire for love and cares, and will also be present in the TV series himself.

Some details of the third and final season have been brought to us through the synopsis.

In these new episodes, Summer, Ale, Dario, Sofia, Edo and Blue will take another step towards discovering themselves, their dreams and aspirations. Their friendship and the arrival of new people within the group will lead them to understand something important about themselves and their future. And in the course of their growth, in addition to a broader emotional vocabulary, they will learn – at times – that truly loving someone can also mean having to give something up.

This final season consists of 8 episodes, directed by Francesco Lage, Marta Savina, and Alessandro Tonda, and written by Enrico Odnino, Luca Giordano, Francesco Lage, and Vanessa Picciarelli. The television series, also made possible thanks to the support of the Emilia-Romagna Film Commission, is taken from the literary work “Tre Metri Sopra il Cielo” by Federico Moccia.

To the cast of the first two seasons – Coco Rebecca Edogami (Summer), Ludovico Tersini (Ali), Amanda Campana (Sofia), Andrea Lattanzi (Dario), Giovanni Maini (Edo), Alicia Ann Edogami (Blue), Andrea Butera (Alfredo) Lucrezia Guidoni (Rita), Romina Colbaso (Giulia), Sarah Mondello (Melina) and Amparo Pinheiro Guirao (Lula) – also joined by Cristiano Cacamo, are among the champions of the role of Luca, as well as Stefano Rossi Giordani (Stefano), and Emilia Scarbatti Vannetti (Federica) Ludovica Ciacchetti (Viviana).

The cast also includes Tony (Isabella) and Alberto Bubacar Malancino (Anthony), who respectively play Summer & Blue’s mom and dad. In addition to these, Mario Sigulia (Maurizio), as Alli’s father, Giuseppe Giacobazi (Loris), as Edo’s father, and Marina Maseroni (Wanda) as his partner.

Another summer has finally arrived in Romagna Rivera: summer seems ready to live the summer season with a fun he never had before, Dario receives an offer he cannot give up, Sofia returns with fear that she is now a stranger to her friends, and Beer is prey to deep feelings of guilt.

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