Stockach region: There was a major power outage on Wednesday evening in the Stockach region: the problem was only partially resolved

Many homes in the Stockach area have or have had no electricity on Wednesday evening. In the social network Facebook, users wrote, among other things, that there was a power outage in Stockach-Zizenhausen. It is also affected by Mellingen, Hohenfels and other places.

Users in the group write “You’re from Stockach, if…” that a burnt-out power box in Osterholz. When asked by SDKURIER, fire brigade press spokesman Fabian Dreyer said that shortly after 6 p.m., there was a small operation in Osterholz. The small sawing ring immediately moved into a power shaft with a vehicle and six men in it. No fire was found at the site, but traces of a fire appeared. The process took 45 minutes. Representatives of Stadtwerke Stockach, EnBW and the police were on the scene.

The mayor of Zizenhausen, Michael Junginger, wrote publicly on Facebook that Netze BW was already working to fix the problem. SDKURIER was no longer able to reach the press office for more detailed information on the issue on Wednesday evening. Several reports can be seen on the fault map on the Netze BW website. For many it’s noticeable: “a known bug, we’re working on a fix.”

The map also shows that early in the evening there were also many blackouts in the areas of Stockach, Ursingen-Ningingen, Egeltingen and Herdwangen-Schnach, which have been corrected. The reason for the failure is not mentioned there.

Stadwerk spokeswoman Stephanie Hornstein told the press Wednesday night when asked by SDKURIER that the faults were in Netze BW’s medium voltage network. So she couldn’t say more about the reasons.

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More information follows. Inquiry to Netze BW luft. It is not yet known whether or not all of these cases are related.

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