Stock Exchange: Europe Rises with US Data, Futures Falling, Milan + 0.6%

(ANSA) – Milan, May 20 – Major European stock markets are improving after mixed US macroeconomic data. New applications for unemployment benefits fell to 444,000 units, while the Philly Fed index fell, beyond analysts’ estimates, to 31.5 points. By contrast, crude oil prices fell (WTI -0.9% to € 62.79), pending the weekly US stocks. Metals excluding gold are under pressure (+ 0.09% to $ 1,870.58 an ounce), and the spread between German BTPs and bonds is dropping to 118.6 points, with the yield on the 10-year note falling by 3 points at 1.08%, always higher anyway. Of similar Greek shares (1.02%). Cryptocurrencies are trying to recover, as are the euro and the British pound against the dollar. Milan (+ 0.6%) is better than Madrid (-0.05%) and London (+ 0.52%), while Paris (+ 0.88%) and Frankfurt (+ 0.98%) are more active. Bankers at Piazza Avari are playing their part, awaiting government decisions on easing bank mergers. Banco Bpm sells 2%, B for 0.89%, while Mps (+ 0.45%) and Unicredit (+ 0.35%) are moving against the trend. Positive Commercial Bank (+ 1%), Credit Agricole (+ 0.9%) and Bnp (+ 0.77%). Kingfisher (+ 0.64%) held out after the quarter, while BP oil (+ 0.73%), which has started a hiring campaign for offshore wind farms, Shell (-0.25%), Eni (-0.5%) and Repsol (-0.45%)). Tim (-0.6%) fell after the quarter in line with analysts’ expectations and expectations of the industrial plan. Car companies Daimler (+ 2.72%), backed by estimates of truck sales, Volkswagen (+ 1.68%), favoring Citigroup’s purchase recommendation, and Stellantis (+ 1.47%), over the long wave of agreement with Foxconn and beyond auto sales in Europe. (handle).

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