Starlink: Hacker attacks the station with a $25 gadget

star linksatellite internet service SpaceXhe saw that his system was hacked due to hacking carried out by a researcher from cyber security from Belgium. Lennert Wouters was able to hack the service’s antennas using a tool he made himself and cost only $25.

In the Black Hat Security ConferenceAnd the Waters Who is associated with a cybersecurity company? KU LeuvenExplain how he carried out a computer attack on his Starlink satellite dish Elon Musk.

As part of your talking call ‘Humans’ imbalance on Earth’The researcher explained that after the analysis and detection of Weak points From the selected antenna hardware, he was able to access a Starlink station to generate his own custom code. In this way, Wouters showed that since there are a large number of terminals that support the service, it is more likely that cybercriminals will be exposed to it. “Open the door for the attacker to freely explore the network”.

Hack Starlink for only $25

Waters He built a custom circuit board—a chip—that uses a Raspberry Pi microcontroller, a flash storage drive, electronic switches, and a voltage regulator to put his analysis into action. Once connected to the board star link Physically, the circuit causes voltage failure to exceed safety measures, because when the antenna is turned on, it goes through different starting phases.

As the researcher explains, his tool generates a failure on the first bootloader and then installs a firmware that continues the process but with control of the device already in the attacker’s hands. Through the device you can access Deshi Mac Flatface – antennas star link– Due to a technical issue that allows access to the parts that should be blocked from the beginning.

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The tool generates an “irreversible problem” with the antennas and also allows the person violating the system to execute arbitrary code and thus explore a network star link. Waters noted that the attack is very difficult because it takes a great deal of time and effort to be able to “break” antenna barriers, in addition to the fact that it’s not very dangerous because it doesn’t allow doing things like causing a drop in communication or operating satellites.

Previously, Wouters also revealed other flaws in star link Being always cooperative with the crowdA portal where those who find vulnerabilities are rewarded and reported to the relevant companies. On this occasion, the researcher mentioned that the only way to correct this error is to create a new copy of the antenna’s master chip.

Starlink responds to discovery

A few hours after his discovery was published, star link It released a document explaining all the ways the company protects its systems, while also acknowledging that the work Wouters has achieved is “Technically impressive, and the first of its kind they were familiar with on their system”.

However, he also said that thanks to the “less premium” design star linkthe company can limit the scope that cyber attacks can achieve with its set of installation tools, also adding that the fact of actual user demand and direct attack on the air boot system, all the rest of the satellite Internet infrastructure and “ordinary users” You don’t have to worry about this or take any additional security measures.

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