Squid game news, new video game, other layoffs, announcements

NetflixThe streaming entertainment giant, for some time in crisis due to competition (such as Disney +, Paramount + and HBO Max), has announced news in terms of games and reality TV shows, but also cut costs and manage new changes. All while taking the first steps toward a low-cost, ad-supported offering.

In recent months, Netflix has blamed his debut Reduction in the number of users Throughout its history, this has forced the company co-directed by Reed Hastings to become more aware of how and where it spends its money, and the fact that expenses have to match the trend in revenue. In this sense, a step has already been taken, as evidenced by a document sent in recent days to the supervisory body SECwho was known, From June 27, the service will startreports to CFO Spencer Newman, A New chief accountantAnd the Ken Parkerwith a past at Deloitte & Touche LLP and Sun Microsystems, most recently serving as Senior Vice President of Finance at Electronic Arts.

Parker will succeed JC Berger, who left the company on June 10 after 15 years of continued commitment in this role. It is not clear if the new employee has already started work, but something has already happened, at the level professional, in that from Netflix. Variety predicted that the platform, after layoffs in May, has blew up another 300 employees (out of a total of about 11 thousand), related to various jobs, most of which are concentrated in the United States, as a step because the costs “Growing in line with our slower revenue growthCurrently, it is not clear if more workers will be laid off in the future, but the co-CEOs, Hastings and Sarandos, according to The Hollywood Reporter, reassured employees by saying,Plan to return to a more normal course of action in the future“.

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Another way to reverse the trend is Launching cheaper subscriptions Supported by Advertising. In this regard, the second CNBCreporting the opinion of a source who has established himself in anonymity, the platform would have given 2-3 months to put a senior manager at the head of a dedicated project team and at the same time he would have been committed to selecting advertising partner. For this reason, in the International Advertising Festival Kan Lions Great N, under the guise of Sarandos, was already going to undertake some Acquaintancespecifically, with The Google (Advertising lead, active in YouTube videos and subscriptions with YouTube Premium and YouTube TV), with Rocco (Broadcast dongle creator and connoisseur”Trends in ad-supported subscriptions“) and with Comcast/NBC International (which Freewheel can help,A digital platform for integrated advertising managementWhen asked about it, Netflix clarified that it is still in the early stages of the idea of ​​an ad-supported option and therefore, if no decisions are made, the ones circulating are just speculation.

Starting with the most real and upcoming news, Netflix announced the release of the version Recruitment subordinate competitors to reality showSquid Game: ChallengeInspired by the South Korean drama series. From what has appeared so far, it will be a show in 10 episodes UK fire, which 456 competitors They will face each other in different ways Evidenceeliminate (not literally!) Shift after shiftwith the aim of moving forward and winning $4.56 million prize. Recently, the platform has admitted its interest in unrecorded content and live broadcasts, and it is not excluded that the program in question, co-produced by Studio Lambert and The Garden, is part of this operational field.

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Meanwhile, the July 19 is comingfor the benefit of subscribers, on both Android and iOS, a New video game. It is located around in the breachminor role strategycreated by Subset Games (rated for roguelike FTL: Faster Than Light), was already mirrored on mobile via GeForce Now after purchase on Steam or Epic but, in this case, official port complete with Touch interfaceObviously, without ads and in-app purchases, that’s where you have to save the earth on head Mechanical Giants, in the name of randomly generated challenges, are always different.

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