Squid, a Netflix reality show: Here’s how to apply!

.’s Instagram page Netflix Posted yesterday in stories A link where you can apply to participate in a reality show! Not just any reality show. Not ‘Big Brother Vape’, not ‘Celebrity Island’, not even ‘Dancing with the Stars’. The Show reality in question Based on “Squid Game”. As we can see,squid gameIt was one of the most watched series on netflix lately. Many also wanted to try out those weird and unsettling ‘games’ (so much so that when they iterated ‘Squid in real life’ it was a hit). Now there will also be an official release organized by Netflix!

Do you want to play a game? This is your last chance. We’ve already picked hundreds of players from all over the world, but there’s still room for more. Maybe for you too. Grab Prize 4.56 Million Dollars. But the losers will go home empty-handed. How will you play? Tell us. time is running out.

So it is possible to apply for Various types of casting: US, UK or global, which means worldwide and which also includes Italy. But be careful: there are some requirements that must be met. He must be at least 21 years old, to be in possession of a passport and to be available for the duration of the photocopy period (hence 4 weeks). Good knowledge of English is also required. Here is the link to apply. Filming will start in 2023 but How will the game work? The number of competitors is 456 and they will come from all over the world and will have to compete in tests inspired by the games seen in the series. To get closer and closer to the original idea, there will also be the mysterious front man who will put the contestants in difficulty, but there will obviously be no killing for the eliminated competitors. However, participants will live in isolation for four weeks and will only get to know each other well during the demo of the game to create alliances and strategies.

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squid reality game
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