Spiritus Escambray – competing in Switzerland t-shirt

Melina Venegas is the only Cuban shirt to have qualified for the Tokyo Olympics.

With a ticket to Tokyo well kept in her pocket, Spiritus’ Milena Venegas competed on Saturday in the C Final of the World Cup, in Lucerne, Switzerland.

It does so in one open category, the same way it ranked it for the Olympic Games when last March it entered fourth place during the qualifiers in Brazil, which made it the only Cuban jersey with a ticket to the event. The last option left by Japan disappeared when singer Carlos Agiti was unable to reach the finals of the qualifying tournament in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Before the Cup, Jatibonian completed about a month of preparation in Como, Italy, which served as the basis for her first Olympiad.

Before entering the Swiss Lakes, he commented on it Escambray On WhatsApp: “The setup went well for me. I tried to get the most out of every session. We train with a specific track and that makes us feel a lot better in Switzerland because we have adapted to the tracks.”

Although she had already contracted COVID-19, due to compliance with the protocols, Milena underwent a PCR test that gave her negative and made her in the water, anyway, calmer.

“We have been here since Wednesday, which has allowed me to adapt to the track. It’s important because here I will get to know the competitors with whom I have to compete, and of course to enjoy the event.”

Although he did not qualify for Tokyo, Carlos Agiti is also competing in this cup.

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