Spain’s president asks Miguel Angel Rivella to mediate with Mexico

Government Spain, Led by Pedro Sanchez, request President of Cantabria, Miguel Angel Revilla – indexed by Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador As one of the best politicians in the world – to mediate that country’s relations with Mexico.

After the Mexican President on several occasions expressed dissatisfied with the Spanish monarchy and government, As well as with companies from that country, Revilla announced that he had received various contacts to interfere in the relations between the two countries.

“Yes, I have received some important calls. Regarding this number, Pedro Sánchez sent me a letter, the Secretary of State for Ibero-American Affairs (Juan Fernández Trigo) called me and this morning Alberto Núñez Viejo (Popular Party President) sent me a letter,” he revealed.

He was questioned on the program “And what and where the shots go?” Sixth night.

“Well, it would be interesting if I intercede, I also say one thing, I do whatever it takes for Spain, but I also tell you one thing, No fees and no paid jobs. The only thing I ask is that if I have to travel, they pay me for the flight, the tourist ticket, like you pay me for the taxi,” he answered.

in the interview, And Rivella considered that Mexico is the most important country for Spain, Therefore, he assessed that it was necessary to strengthen bilateral relations.

“Mexico is the most important country for Spain. If it (Spain) could reach an agreement with Morocco, in exchange for what it had to give up, which is a fine story, then how can an agreement not be reached with Mexico? See, Mexico is the future of the language, no less. The Spaniards who will advance to the Spaniards will be Mexico.

Spain is a biologically decadent country. Mexico has 120 million Mexicans in its territory and 40 (million) in the United States: 160 million. It is the most important country for Spanish companies, Because there are all the big companies. He noted that it would be a huge mistake not to restore relations with a country that is more important to us, than Germany, er, Mexico, the country that I adore. ”

Miguel Angel Rivella paid tribute to President Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorwho described him as an honest, honorable, strict and well-meaning man. In addition, he said that he is trying to make things better in a country with 50 million poor people. He agreed that some Spanish companies had not behaved properly in Mexico.

“Before coming to the programme, I saw this morning the list of people who, in Spain, having been heads of government, ministers, general directors or foreign ministers, were appointed to the electricity, gas, and oil and the seats. Do you know how many there are? 172, who were all, these scandal.

And what he (the president) denounced, a company located there, had appointed a former head of the Mexican government as an advisor. We see it in Spain as usual, not normal. It is not normal that there are 170 high-ranking politicians from Spain in this sector From gas to oil, to electricity, with the only background of being someone in politics and maybe doing interests and influencing them so that it’s the kind of oligopoly we have now that we all pay for,” he said.

The chief of Cantabria realized this He did not agree to the request made by Lopez ObradorRegarding Spain’s apology for mistakes made during the conquest.

“I was going to say, ‘We should all apologize to each other. But, say, no one was scandalized that Prince Charles showed up the other day in English Guiana, and, without anyone asking anything, under the plane,’ said he, apologies for what it was. The English people, the people of slaves, and the behavior that was with these countries. He said it without anyone asking for it, right? And he stressed that no one was exposed to the scandal.


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