Spain wins thanks to a gift from Switzerland

Spain has lost only once in 20 matches against Switzerland. The defeat of the anecdotal, because of its negligible influence on history, and because it was in world cup south africa, Where the Red It ended up enjoying its greatest glory. Switzerland did nothing to avoid its fate. Moreover, he has amplified the red numbers in a harmless fashion and a great gift for Spain who are visiting Ukraine on Tuesday.

Switzerland also joined the trend of building the game upright, from passes between the goalkeeper, full-back and midfielder and a poor pass combined with a slip that left the ball at my feet. Mikel Merino, a new hungry wolf for the national team, which he handed over to him Mikel Oyarzabal who was in the area applying pressure.

Paradon de Gea

The Spanish defensive action was one of the best offensive plays of the match. Indeed, Spain have always dominated the fencing – more in the first half, with the wind in their favour – but they only scored at a high level stealing balls with their high pressure on the Swiss. In positional play, he lacked the ideas and fluidity to destabilize Switzerland, with five defenders behind him. Until now, he only had the strength to reach an area DJ just one time. Critical goal avoid 0-1 with save from Loris Benito, represented the Spaniards (his father Asturian and mother Galicia) as his opponents.

Only Sergio Busquets and Dani Olmo remained in the starting lineup of the eleven that played against Portugal. It was entertainment, the field of opportunity. With points on the line, the usual points have refilled the squad, from Sergio Ramos to Ansu Fati, who can already be considered a starter. The Barcelona teenager did not shine. And he won’t do that every day in his still young career. He had to end an unspeakable day, unable to find outlets in the left wing. He looked for a penalty, but he threw brilliantly in the fall and did not bite the referee.

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Luis Enrique’s test wasn’t that Mikel Oyarzabal was a central striker, and he has specialists like Gerard Moreno or Rodrygo in the group. As the game progressed, anyone could play. Real Sociedad striker who is not a nine Like those, he received little to no play. He had a resounding chance in the second half, easier than the goal opportunity, which he missed on the empty goal. Moreno sent another valuable ball back in the area to the clouds.

Adama’s claw

Another oddity is that Olmo acted as an insider and did not report substantial benefits either. Not even when the two teams sprawled out onto the field, as if they agreed, especially Switzerland, that they had to change their stance to take out another defeat, the sixteenth defeat to Spain.

On the other hand, Luis Enrique wanted to confirm victory, not satisfied with his team’s steady match. Adama Traoré brought in verticality and overflow, which speeded up the game and encouraged his teammates. But he sped it so fast that no one equaled his speed and the decisive decision, the good decision, the decisive pass decision, did not find a receiver.

Spain, 1-Switzerland, 0

Spain: de Gea (8); Navas (7), Ramos (6), Pau Torres (6), Gaia (7); Olmo (5), Busquets (6), Merino (7); Ferran Torres (5), Oyarzabal (6), Fati (5).

Technician: Luis Enrique Martinez, 6 years old.

Changes: channels (6) for Olmo (AD 56); Adama (7) Lavati (M 56); Gerard Moreno (7) for Oyarzabal (AD 73); Rodri (sc) by Ferran Torres (AD 88).

Swiss: summer (7); Widmer (7), Elvedi (6), Schär (7), Rodríguez (6), Benito (6); Sow (5), Xhaka (6), Freuler (5); Mahmdi (6), Seferovic (5).

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Technical: Vladimir Petkovic (5).

Changes: Shaquiri (6) for Mehmedi (d. 60); Vargas (6) by Sue (AD 60); Zuber (sc) by Benito (AD 80); Fernandez (sc) by Freuler (AD 86); Gavranovich by Widmer (AD 86).

Objectives: 1-0 (M 14) Oyarzabal takes advantage of Merino’s pass after Sumer’s failure.

Verdict: Ali Word & imath; and & imat; k (5), Turkish.

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Marks: Cher (m. 30), Mikel Merino (m. 63), Froeller (m. 74).

Square: Alfredo Di Stefano of Madrid.

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