Spain supports Sweden and Finland’s accession to NATO

Spain’s parliament on Thursday ratified Sweden and Finland’s accession to NATO, despite divisions over the issue within its left-wing government.

Spain’s House of Representatives tweeted: “The full Congress gives permission to sign the NATO Protocols on the accession of the Kingdom of Sweden and the Republic of Finland.”

The 350-member council approved the expansion of the transatlantic alliance to include the two northern European countries by 290 votes to 11 against, with 47 abstentions.

The ruling Socialist Party supported the move, although its far-left coalition partner Podemos abstained.

This party has been highly critical of arms shipments to Ukraine and has made no secret of its distrust of NATO and its request for member states to increase their defense budgets.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February sparked calls from Sweden and Finland to join the alliance, ending decades of military nonalignment.

All 30 members of NATO must agree to accept Finland and Sweden.

According to the NATO list, only five member states have yet formally accepted the two countries’ membership: the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Portugal, Slovakia and Turkey.

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