Spain suffers, but ends up beating rocky Finland in the last minutes

Spain resolved its commitment against Finland by winning (3-1) in a match in which it was difficult to score a goal, and the matter was not resolved until the last minutes. The Finns entered the first half with an advantage and did not reach the first Spanish goal until the middle of the second half.

From the first minute, it turned out that the demand would be max. Finland set the bar very high and enjoyed their first chance with a shot from Lentola in the opening seconds. Spain responded well and started creating chances, with a shot at the post by Sergio Lozano after three minutes as the most memorable.

Fedal Vidal was responsible for taking the weight of the match against a very strong side in defense and that didn’t leave any room. In one of those Spain found, Boyis managed to score in a singles match which he threw with the cross. Pikkarainen, shortly after colliding with Jesús Herrero. In that exchange of blows came the Finnish goal, by Pekkarainen, when he tapped a ball stuck in the band that surprised the Spanish goalkeeper.

In the meantime, it calmed the pavilion’s morale and increased the visitor’s confidence. Sergio Gargili’s men have kept their style of play very aggressive. Adolfo, with a shot at the post, managed to equalize before the first half.

In the second act, Spain came out with another run. In the first minute, Sergio Lozano threatened with a free shot that he narrowly missed. Perseverance paid off after 28 minutes, when the Barcelona player stole a ball within 12 meters and beat the Finnish goalkeeper.

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Something that restored confidence to those who didn’t slow down. And the person responsible for putting Spain at the front was a novice. Pablo Ramirez received a throw-in in the area and turned around and hit Cangas. The referee was set up by a man from La Mancha, Chino, who, in the absence of just over two minutes, set up an already elusive 3-1 goal for Finland.

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