Spain leaves Australia dry and plays the semi-finals with the Netherlands

The women’s water polo team will face the Netherlands in the semi-finals of the World League (Saturday, 1:00 pm, Teledeporte) disputed in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, after They beat Australia 12-5 in the last game of their groupwith a real defensive display in the second half, as they did not concede any goal. The United States and Hungary will shine in the other semi-final match.

The Australian was far from imagining the heavy rain that would happen to him His player Ridge opened the scoring and also scored the second goal for his teamWhich ended the first quarter in favor of the Spaniards (3-2). Three goals in a row Elena Ruiz and Judith Furka from afar and the third for Annie Espar With the Australian goalkeeper still going, they gave Spain the first advantages.

Australia stayed in the game in the second quarter thanks to numerical superiority play, but the European champions were already starting to play at their level, alternating between long shots with assists. Mica Garcia and Paula Litten have scored from two setbacks, the latter making a one-footed self-pass..

The 7-5 of the first half I didn’t expect what would happen next. Spain closed in like a projectile on Martina Terre’s goal, drowning out the Australian players with their anticipation and making “stings” overnight in the attack. With success assured behind them, the Oca team was able to play quietly and open a hole in the scoreboard with that. 5-0 partial in the second half, Although they lowered the piston last quarter and only Pia Ortiz’s target rose.

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semi-final opponent, The Netherlands unexpectedly lost to Canada in the penalty shootout (15-14).. And the Tulips didn’t need to win, having beaten Italy the day before though The trasalpinas gave it all against the US, and it went down minimally (10-11).

art paper

12- Spain: Martina Ter (Laura Esther); Cristina Nogo, Annie Espar (3), Pia Ortiz (2), Nuna Breeze (1), Elena Ruiz (1), Billy Pia, Judith Furca (2), Paula Camo, Mica Garcia (2), Paula Leighton (1) .

5- Australia: Palm, Swadling, Oberman, Halligan (1), Leeson-Smith, Andrews, Ridge (3), Arancini, Williams (1), Cairns, Balleste, Longman.

partial: 3-2, 4-3, 4-0, 1-0.

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