Spain “eats” Australia, and has entered the semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup

Spain He already knows the way and makes no friends in his goal of winning the gold medal in Santa Cruz as part of the FIFA World event that the national team wants at all costs, once Confirmed to be first in the group by defeating Australia with full power by 12-5 And we move on to the semi-finals, where they will meet today, starting at 1:40 pm, against the very dangerous Netherlands, second behind the United States in Group One.

And that one from yesterday in the pool RCNautical It was a special day, a day full of liveliness, big rhythm and, above all, calculators, which Miki Oka players did. they passed The Olympics focus only on being the clean leaders of Group B and beating them AustralianWho came up with the option to go to the semi-finals if they beat Spain and lose Hungary.

But none of that.In contrast, they found some Hispanic women who were very hungry and hungry and did not want to give surprise a chance at home.. And so it was, since then they ate To verdiamarillas in an undeniable way.

And that’s despite the fact that the Australians kicked off a lead in electronics thanks to a superb goal from Andrews (0-1, 6:17) after capitalizing on a duo mark error after the first recordings. Meanwhile, the lack of a Spanish target was obvious and they could not break through the opposing target due to the action of the arms of the outside parties.

But Spain represents a lot of Spain and in less than two minutes a dash led by Elena Ruiz, Judith Furca and Annie Esper (3-0) left things in place 3-1 at 2:31, although with 10′ remaining that Paul Obermann managed to Score 3-2.

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In the second quarter, Australia wanted more and it became a torment for the Spanish defense by entering the region 1 That generated a danger to liberate the opposite wing. So much so that after Annie debuted this stage at 30” (4-2), Australian They managed to tie the match up with two moves by Halligan and Ridge (4-4).

From this point on, the Latinos focused on and better defended the input, as well as the sign of rival floats (great work by Paula Camus). And they found the balance when they managed to connect with Paula Leighton in attack, who managed to break the tie (5-4). Spain was tied again and managed to reach the first half with a score of 7-5 after goals by Erin (4:41) and Mica (1:54), with the intimidation of Williams in between.

After the break, Spain was no longer joking and put on her best clothes to destroy the team of opposites, which also experienced an amazing physical stagnation. In this case, the first Vaseline Annie from the area 3; then pi at will; Judith Furka from 1 After an upside-down showdown with Christina Nogi, they put up 10-5 at 3:08. It all ended with Mika’s goal in the blackjack. The match was presented with this segment 4-0. Indisputable.

Little to say about the final chapter, except for the debut of Laura Esther who replaced Martina in goal. The veteran but very sober gave an extra lesson on how to stop the ball. Piya’s goal at 1:40 from the start (12-5) was just an anecdote. Spain already has Snack to Australia.

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