Spain and Finland, the main attraction of the sports calendar in Tomelloso

The futsal match that will be played on Friday by the teams from Spain and Finland It represents a sporting agenda that brings many incentives. The match will take place in the Ciudad Deportiva booth at 8:30pm, and it makes sense that the meeting raised high expectations. The full house is expected to cheer our team, which was exactly the team that opened the stand years ago in a game with Guatemala.

The agenda also brings us the third division match between Atlético Tomilloso And the Tarancon stadium, which will be held on Sunday, at six in the evening, in the municipality of Baku Gálvez. The meeting is an object or not for residents who hope to open their points treasury on this fifth day.

He will also play at home Junior from the National Association. He will do so in Paco Galvez on Saturday, 8:00 pm, against Atlético Puertolano. The auriverdes want to prolong their good streak as natives as they haven’t given up a single point. For his part, the young b From the regional league, very excited after the two goals against Villafranca and Alcazar B, he will travel to Miguel Esteban.

This weekend enters the competition arena, and Feminine Union Tomelloso Which will receive the iSport of Albacete, on Saturday at 5:30 pm in Paco Gálvez. This will be the first appearance of tommelloseras in the newly established preferential regional zone.

For his part, the Tomelloso FS He will greet Daimiel on Saturday, 7:00 p.m. in the San Antonio Suite. So far, they have all been victories for Jose Antonio Marta’s men and fans are very hopeful about the role the team can play. The youth team will have to wait an additional week to enter the competition.

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The moment of truth also reaches the first team in Tomelloso . Basketball Club In the 1st autonomy. Tomelloseros starts the league with a regional derby match against Socuéllamos. The game will be held in the San Jose Pavilion, on Saturday at eight in the afternoon. For their part, the Juniors – Esther Obeda They travel to Ciudad Real to encounter the Basket Cervantes. Of the three club teams, only the region’s top players are left to compete, which they will do next week.