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ZISCH interview with Lisa Marie Ganter, co-founder of the creative project “s’Wohnzimmer” in Freiburg.

Zisch’s correspondents, Mila Metzger and Enna Spisla from class 4a at the Jenger School in Ehrenkirchen, were looking for an interesting person to talk to for their interview. They found Lisa Marie Ganter, co-founder of “s’Wohnzimmer” in Freiburg, a creative workshop for everyone. The conversation is about the development of the creative project.

Entering the “s’Wohnzimmer” screwdriver’s workshop in a hall on Tullastraße in Freiburg’s northern industrial district, we do not expect to be greeted upstairs by the wooden parrot Fridolin and the porcelain monkey Charli. We immediately feel at ease and curious as to who and what we’re up against behind the two doors. After a warm welcome, Lisa Marie Gunter leads us through the rooms.

In addition to the kitchen made from old work tables, there are cupboards made from old cabinets, a comfortable seating area, a large table with colorful chairs, and lots of plants and decorations. Next to the studio you will find everything you need to be creative: a sewing machine, lots of beads and wire, crafts, canvas, paints and tools. Franz Josef’s ostrich hangs over the toilet, and Hugo’s porcelain pug holds the toilet brush.

whisper: How did you come up with the idea to start the project?
Mutt: When I came back from Berlin to Freiburg, my home country, I was looking for a studio where I could be creative and meet people who also like to be creative, but I couldn’t find one. After meeting Caroline Seredyuk and Nadja Stifel, the idea of ​​creating such a space arose. Out of nowhere, this room was suggested on my cell phone and after visiting the construction site at the time, we immediately saw the potential of our project. It was December 2021 and it was the starting signal for “s’Wohnzimmer”.

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whisper: How did you come up with the name “s’Wohnzimmer”?
Mutt: That’s a good question. I thought the living room is a place to invite friends, cozy and the heart of the home. A place where you feel comfortable. This is where I want to invite people to be creative. That’s why I chose “s’Wohnzimmer”.

whisper: What do you enjoy most about the project?
Mutt: What I enjoy most is that I can invite people here and it is a space for endless creativity. I enjoy furnishing a room, discovering new things, and making a room more beautiful than it already is. I also enjoy the fact that I can present my own workshops here and pass on my skills to other people. This is where people meet and support each other with their skills. It should be a meeting place, but you can also work here alone and develop freely in a protected place.

whisper: What is served in the living room?
Mutt: I personally give macrame workshops, I also did batik courses and now I also organize creative birthday parties for children. But mainly I’m introducing the living room itself. They can be hired by people who also want to give workshops or pass on their skills to others. The project is financed through these leases. Cooking and training courses, wine tastings, yoga and cocoa ceremonies are currently offered.

whisper: how can I contact you?
Mutt: We have an account on Instagram, on Facebook or simply by e-mail. Mondays are always open here, and that’s when Better Mondays Together takes place. You can come between 5pm and 10pm without registration and be creative together or just do whatever you like: sew, read a book, cook, draw, take time for yourself and meet other people.

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In the end, we Zisch reporters were allowed to make a macrame keychain under the supervision of Lisa Marie and there was homemade pizza. It was a lot of fun and an exciting and beautiful afternoon.

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