So you can receive alerts to detect fraud and impersonation online


Crime cases persist in Colombia and applications that allow digital transactions are becoming more vulnerable over time. For this reason, it is important to have tools on hand that allow this Protection of data and information recorded in digital channels.

Other technical notes:

In order to provide greater security for Colombians, My data credit platform It has the ability to activate an alert every time a fraud or impersonation process is detected in some user accounts.

in the page Citizens will be able Sign up for your emails to receive alerts About new commitments associated with your credit history. This will be completely free.

Here is the step-by-step registration process:

For normal people:

sign in your identity. There you will have to answer some short questions. Once your identity is verified, you will have to search for the option “Notifications of new commitments”.

Activate notifications in your mail about new commitments, by clicking on “Enable notifications”.

For legal persons:

As the legal representative of the legal entity, register on the portal And verify your identity by answering a few short questions.

Once you verify your identity as a legal representative, you will receive an email with which you can enter the online portal Turn on notifications about new commitments.

When entering the portal and logging in, look for the “Alerts and notifications” option, and there you will find the option “Notifications about new openings of commitments in your free credit history”. Immediately click on “Run”.

Once the process is completed, DataCrédito will notify you every time new commitments are reported in your credit history for free. Each alert is valid for 6 months It is activated when the entities that consult your record perform an identity verification process.

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Keep in mind that activating this type of tool will allow you to keep your personal information protected and monitored and will prevent:

  • Online shopping for you.
  • Have you disclosed your private information?
  • Using your account for criminal activities that harm your name.
  • Sending mass mailing messages of spam or viruses to your contacts.

Finally, it is important to note that if you receive an alert, you must go directly to the financial entity to submit Support showing attempted fraud or impersonation.

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