So you can activate secret emojis on your cell phone

The WhatsApp It continues to grow as updates are released in order to provide the best experiences for its two billion users around the world.

After the latest updates that WhatsApp has undergone, the most exciting update among users is the function ‘look only once‘: This allows internet users to view photos once and then delete them (similar to temporary mode on Instagram).

Along with this new tool, a secret emoji has also arrived. Are you curious to know what it is? Here we tell you how you can activate it.

WhatsApp how to activate secret emoji

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How to activate the secret emoji for WhatsApp?

To view this code, it is necessary to send a photo or video through the “View once” function; Next, you have to tap on the deleted message a total of five times so that it displays the emoji for a few seconds.

Likewise, it is important to note that the sender of the message will be the only person who will be able to see the code mentioned in the chat.

How is the “One Time Show” function activated?

We explain step by step how to activate this new “Whats” tool:

  • Select the camera icon in the chat you want to send the photo
  • Find the number one inside a circle; Press it to turn green and activate it
  • The last step is to send the photo or video

In this simple way, you can activate the “watch only once” mode and be able to view the secret emojis of the application.

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