So Netflix (and not only) is under the dictates of gay pride

June is LGBTQ Pride Month and Netflix Italia He prepares to celebrate it with great fanfare, as he presents the audience with a series of content on the themes of identity and gender. As reported by the agency AdnkronosIn fact, to celebrate LGBT Pride Month, the streaming platform is presenting a special episode of Let’s talk about, the YouTube format of Netflix Italy dedicated to the theme of acting. after, after New Italy (Sumaya Abdelkader, Coco Rebecca Edogami, Aaron Vale, Beatrice Broschi, Momoka Banana, Adrien Fartad) and Talking about women is real (Michila Murgia, Fumiteproti, Madame, Ludovica Martino, Isabella Ferrari, Daniela Scatulin, Alice Orsiolo), the third date with It was a TV series that made me realize I’m gaydefinedAn intimate discussion dedicated to the topic of representing the LGBTQ communitywhich debuted June 8 on YouTube channel Netflix Italia. But glorifying rainbow themes isn’t just about Netflix: all the great entertainment giants are committed, at the fore, to celebrating Pride Month.

The entertainment world bows to political correctness

Netflix joins all the giants of the entertainment world who, according to the dominant gender ideology, are celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month. Those who do not celebrate it are viewed with suspicion or interruption. MicrosoftFor example, he announced that he had donated More than 8 million dollars Organizations that support LGBTQ communities around the world such as OutRight Action International, African Rainbow Family, National Center for Gender Equality, Mermaids, The Lavender Rights Project and Fulcrum UA also offer gamers on Xbox a dedicated “rainbow” section.

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DisneyOn his part, he confirms on Twitter:Stand by the LGBTQ community and its allies“Proudly Support”A comprehensive, varied and authentic narrativeThe multinational entertainment company says it wants to.Reinventing tomorrow by highlighting LGBTQ stories and advocating the importance of accurate representation in media and entertainmentTo do this, the Disney Plus streaming platform has launched the Pride Collection, which contains titles that promote rainbow stories. Ed apple? It can’t be outdone, of course. Here is the Cupertino company Throwno later than two weeks later, the “Pride Edition” teams for the Apple Watch.

stone riots

Why June? Because this is the month Stonewall riots. It was in the early hours of June 28, 1969, in fact, when the NYPD broke into the Stonewall Inn, a gay club located in Greenwich Village, New York. The raid sparked a riot as police brutally pulled staff and customers out of the pub, leading to six days of protests and violent clashes with law enforcement outside the pub on Christopher Street near Christopher Park. Thus, beginning in June 1970, Brenda Howard organized the first Pride Parade, where hundreds of activists marched to liberate Christopher Street.

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