Snowpiercer: Aldo Grasso’s Netflix TV Series Review

Type: fantapolitic
direction: Graeme Manson and Josh Friedman. With David Diggs, Jennifer Connelly and Alison Wright. on Netflix

David Diggs and Jennifer Connelly in “Snowpiercer” (contrast image).

Environmental disaster, extermination of the world’s population with few survivors, a train like Noah’s Ark that saves people, but reproduces and exacerbates inequality internally.

There are all the narrative components of A dystopian and post-apocalyptic tale in snow holeAvailable on Netflix in three seasons.

Based on the 2013 movie by South Korean director Bong Joon Ho of the same name (the same as parasite who also signs this quote), in turn taken from the 1982 graphic novel and TranspercenèigeAnd the The series is a prequel to the film and sets the events five years prior.

We are in 2026a future that can be imagined as a “potential present”, where, due to failed attempts to tackle global warming, The world is an icy desert.

The Snowpiercer is a 1001-car train designed by a specific Mr. Wilford that travels in perpetual motion around the earth to bring the lucky ones to safety..

At the beginning of the series, there is a group of disadvantaged people who hack into the guards and manage to get to the train. But salvation involves reviving old-world grievances, even aggravated ones.

For those who like shocking stimuli and closed environments to observe the dynamics of new relationships.

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