Smith. The last Hawaiian princess has died.

Veronica’s wife Jill Kawananaqua (left) said Abigail Kenuiki Kikulaik Kawananaqua (right) “will be remembered for her love of Hawaii and its people.”


Hawaii bids farewell to its last princess: Abigail Kenuiki Kekulaik Kawananakua, heiress to a fortune linked to sugar cultivation as well as scion of the family that once ruled the islands, died Sunday at the age of 96.

Abigail, who did not use royal titles but is considered by historians to be a symbol of Hawaiian royalty, was announced missing outside Iolani Palace in Honolulu, the only royal residence in the United States, which has been in a museum for years.

“We will remember her for her love of Hawaii and its people,” he said. Veronica Gil Kawananaquahis partner for more than twenty years, most recently his wife, who was by his side at the time of his disappearance.

Governor of Hawaii Josh Green Hail to the Princess: Federal and state flags will be flown at half mast throughout the week.

A very wealthy woman

born in 1926, Abigail KawananaquaShe was the prince’s great-granddaughter David Kawananaquawho at the beginning of the 20th century would have been the heir to the throne if the monarchy had not been overthrown a decade earlier, at the end of the 19th century.

The last Hawaiian monarch, the Queen Liliuokalani, was overthrown in 1893 by a coup organized by American businessmen. The islands were subsequently annexed as territory of the United States and only in 1950 became the fiftieth state of the federation.

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He is very rich because he has a sugar-related fortune inherited from his great-grandfather James CampbellPrincess, an Irishman who arrived in Hawaii on a whaling ship, was an avid horse breeder.

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