Smartphone Charging Tips: One mistake and the phone will explode. Avoid these “errors” while charging a smartphone – Mistakes to avoid when charging your smartphone Learn the details


  • Avoid mistakes when charging the phone.
  • Avoid placing the phone under the pillow while sleeping.
  • Original battery, use the charger to charge.

Navi Delhi: Phones can now be seen in the hands of everyone from young to old. smart phone Not to mention the need for a new one. In the phone because it is used all day battery The important part is. A phone always needs to be charged. However, we often make some mistakes with the smartphone’s battery and this causes harm. These errors cause the phone battery to explode or to overheat. Let’s find out about these bugs, so you can stay safe.

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Do not make these mistakes with portable batteries

  • We often sleep with the cellphone under the pillow. This raises the temperature of the phone and makes the phone hot. This is due to the increased stress on the battery. This increases the chances of the phone exploding.
  • We use a duplicate charger or adapter to save money when the charger fails. This affects battery life. It also weakens the phone’s charging point. As such, the original charger of the phone must be used.
  • Many people use car chargers. Charging the mobile with the car charger affects the phone battery. It is always better to use a power bank instead of a car charger.

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What do you do when charging the phone?

  • The phone often gets hot so you have to turn it off. It should be used again after returning to normal temperature.
  • Duplicate batteries should not be used if the phone battery is damaged. This causes the phone to malfunction. The original battery is useful for the phone.
  • If you are in the habit of falling asleep while charging the phone all night, turn it off immediately. This will cause the phone to overheat and there is a risk of an explosion.
  • Do not charge the phone in direct sunlight. This can also cause the phone to overheat and to explode.
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