Slovenia ratifies the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO

Belgrade, 29 June. The Slovenian parliament on Thursday approved by a large majority the protocols for the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO.

The ratification was supported by 76 out of 81 deputies present in the circulation, as specified by Parliament on its official website.

With the exception of the left-wing party Levika, against which five representatives voted, all political formations agreed on the laws necessary for the new expansion of NATO.

The Slovenian Prime Minister, Robert Golub, had called for a consensus that the move taken by the Scandinavian countries after decades of neutrality was “historic”.

MP Matej Tasner Fatowicz, from Levika, criticized the fact that Sweden and Finland succumbed to pressure from Turkey “at the expense of the Kurdish people”, referring to the conditions imposed by Ankara so as not to prevent those countries from entering its territory. NATO persecutes members of the Kurdish group, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, as terrorists.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Sweden and Finland decided to abandon their traditional position as neutral countries and in May formally applied to join NATO.

At the NATO summit held in Madrid at the end of June, the leaders of NATO member states agreed to invite the two Nordic countries to join the alliance after Turkey raised its initial veto, and the process of NATO ratification of the corresponding protocols began last week. EFE

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