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Ministry of Transport and Communications ((I mentioned that the early warning message system)) will be ringing again on the mobile phones of thousands of people on Sunday, July 24, in order to check if it can be played.

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It was reported that the test sesame It will be held at 3:00 pm on all mobile phones with 2G, 3G and 4G technology. You will receive phones a Audio alert, screen illumination, text and equipment vibration.

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“Do not be alarmed if on Sunday 24 July you receive an alert message on your mobile phone. This is a new test of the System Early Warning Message (SISMATE). As scheduled, the alert will be activated at 3:00 pm on all mobile phones of the four operating companies (Movistar and Claro). and Entel and Bitel) with 2G, 3G and 4G technology.MTC reported.

What is sesamate?

The sesame It is a communication tool that allows the National Civil Defense Institute (INDECI) to send alert messages to residents during and after an event or disaster.

So far, MTC has conducted 192 tests for sesame in 82 locations. The early warning message technology tool is in the final stage of implementation.

Specifically, the tests allow citizens to be aware of the advantage of preventing a disaster and to put themselves in a safe place. In other words, it will contribute to informing the population in a simple and timely manner of the occurrence of a disaster or emergency so that they can take the relevant actions in order to reduce the impact of these events.

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How does sysmat work?

Early warning messages will only be sent when a file is National Civil Defense Institute (Indeci) Determine or confirm the probability of a disaster.

The message will be sent to the whole countrybut when the process is 100% focused on the geographic areas where an anomaly occurs.

In addition, this letter will have the characteristics of continuous vibration and soundquite different from text message (SMS), which will bypass other cell phone functions.

The notice will allow citizens to put themselves in a safe place. To do this, Cell Broadcast technology will be used, similar to early warning message systems in Chile, Canada and the United States.

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