She is a martial arts expert who wanted to attack her in the street and her reaction was praised on the networks

Often people do not realize who they can cross on the street, and underestimating others can lead to consequences. in Mexico A video went viral showing how this happens A woman defended herself from a criminal who wanted to rob her their belongings. The thief discovered the hard way The victim was an expert in martial arts. The events took place in the San Terry sector of the city of Guadalajara.

In the section Which override on different virtual platforms You can see how Two people took a bag from the woman who was leaving his house. At that moment, neither the attackers nor the residents of the Gaza Strip hesitated to pursue them. In the end, They managed to reach one of them, and it was precisely the person who took the bag from the thief.

A martial arts expert defended herself from a thief who tried to steal her

Immediately the fighter, already with the criminal at hand, He proceeded to hit him over and over with Jiu-Jitsu fighting techniquesAccording to the person who shared the video on Twitter. The witnesses were not far behind and proceeded to do the same with him. It was at that moment that The Mexican citizen managed to recover her belongings.

were the facts It was recorded by a surveillance camera in the region. Despite the blows he dealt to the offender, This also didn’t stop her from suffering minor injuriesso a cyclist who was passing through the area stayed with her while other witnesses detained the thief.

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Another Twitter user shared a video of the alleged criminal after being reported, in the article he viewed He is clearly tired and has several injuries to his face. So far, the Guadalajara authorities have not provided information about the facts and the identity of the suspect.

After the material went viral on social networks, the comments were instant. Most of the responses to this post were from people Applaud the young woman To deal such a blow to the thief.

In July, a similar event shocked everyone. Video captured the moment when he allegedly The offender was injured by a motorist at a service station in Mexico City (CDMX) when he was trying to steal a watch from a truck driver that was carrying fuel.

They beat up a thief who assaulted a driver while loading petrol at a service station

In the sectionThat spread on Twitter, you can see how The thief approaches the truck window and threatens the driver. Moments later, a car behind the car attack the criminalWho succeeds in standing after the hit and runs out of place.

Later, CDMX’s Citizen Security Secretary, Omar Garcia HarfoucheAnd the know from Two men arrested for stealing luxury watches In the San Angel area, in the office of Mayor Alvaro Obregón. As it was pointed out A firearm has been seized from them and stolen items have been recovered. These themes were also linked to another recent assault on diners in the Jardin del Pedregal neighborhood.

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