Shakira filed a strong lawsuit against the Spanish Public Prosecutor’s Office, here are the details

it seems, Shakira The topic will continue to be talked about, because he recently decided to file a lawsuit against the Spanish Public Prosecutor’s Office.

defend Shakira Focused on the fact that she was a resident of Spain only in 2015 and, therefore, did not have to pay taxes for the previous years there. When she had no results, the singer changed her lawyer again and four months later, prosecutors demanded, she spent eight years in prison for “failure to pay taxes. The singer’s defense, which appeared before the Court of Esplugues de Llobregat in Spain, said that since 2011, the singer has paid 104 million euros in worldwide taxes.

In her defense note against the charges, the singer indicated that her “right to privacy” had been violated during the prosecution’s investigation.

The Internal Revenue Service is forced to use very weak evidence and measures that infringe on privacy, such as requiring medical facilities to access sensitive information, such as appointments and test results.

The artist’s lawyers criticized the method of the financial inspectors conducted the investigation. This is because they asked for medical information, so they went to hairdressers, beauty centers, and places where the singer received treatment on various occasions.

Another way to investigate his whereabouts Shakira At the time it was through his credit card, as that wouldn’t be a legal way for the prosecution to reveal the singer’s whereabouts.

Unless you have talent all over, paying with your card simply cannot prove the existence of the artist.

The prosecution accused her Evasion of 14.5 million euros Between 2012 and 2014, pretending not to live in Spain.

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The tax office confirmed this Shakira He spent 183 days or more in Spain between those two years, which is the legal standard for a person to be considered a tax resident, after which the State Department requested a prison sentence of eight years and two months, as well as an additional fine of €23.7 million.

Defense Shakira She is now in charge of Barcelona criminal lawyer Pau Molins, which marks the third change of lawyers since the dispute began.

The singer asserted in a letter obtained by EFE that the Treasury had an “excessive effort to collect taxes,” since of the $104 million she paid worldwide, $90 million was in Spain.

Because of his arguments about his profession, as well as his work in social assistance with organizations such as Fundación Pies Descalzos or Acción por la Solidaridad Latinoamérica, the defense argued that the prosecution’s charges were simply subject to the need to exploit the singer.

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