Setting up a new oxygen plant in Gujarat: Establishing a dairy cooperative within 72 hours | Gujarat

Owned in 72 hours by engineers from Banas Milk Production Plant in Banaskantha District, North Gujarat Oxygen I set up a factory.

Intensively last week at the Banas Institute of Medicine and Research, which works with the help of this dairy cooperative Oxygen There was a shortage. Then from the outside Oxygen The cylinders were retrieved and the condition corrected.

Hence, how long have we relied on others for oxygen, on our own Oxygen Shankar Chowdhury, president of the Panaskantha County Dairy Cooperative, said in an interview with Businessline that the decision was made with production.

In 72 hours with Panas Engineers Oxygen He built the production plant. 680 kg per day at this station Oxygen This will be produced for 35 to 40 patients per day Oxygen They also said that they can deliver.

Commenting on the experience of developing the structure, Pipin Patel, Dairy’s Senior General Manager, said, “The current vendors do not have the equipment to build an oxygen production plant, such as air compressors and air dryers. How fast are we in the most urgent period. Oxygen We planned to make production possible. So we decided to produce oxygen from the air with a pressure swing technique. To receive medical treatment Oxygen It should be 93-96% clean. We have succeeded in producing oxygen of this quality. “

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