Set checks in the Biberach . area

On the occasion of the tuning fair in Friedrichshafen, the Ulm Police Command set up several checkpoints in the Biberach district on Federal Routes 30, 465 and 312.

Already on the way to the control point in Ulm, a motorcycle measured a speed of 140 km / h in the city. By order of the Public Prosecution Office, the driver’s license of the 25-year-old was immediately confiscated. He had to organize a replacement driver for his motorcycle.

The Audi RS3 has also been taken out of circulation. It no longer had a catalytic converter, was too loud and no longer had the necessary ground clearance. Engine power was increased to about 400 hp by changing the intercooler.

The VW Passat is also closed and the license plate is not stamped. It has almost no rear suspension anymore. Our guests from Heilbronn tried to ride it. The Audi A4 has also been lowered significantly so that it touches all four wheels. It was unsealed and instantly secured.

51 motorcycles, 21 cars and 3 motorcycles were inspected.

Major technical defects were found in 12 motorcycles. The permit to operate on five motorcycles has expired. Seven motorcycles did not have the required tread depth on the tires.

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