SEP and the Swiss Foreign Minister celebrate cooperation in the field of education

The Mexico Secretariat of Public Education (SEP) and the The State Secretariat for Training, Research and Innovation of the Swiss Confederation (SEFII)signed the renewal of the letter of intent on cooperation in dual education and technical and vocational training.

While signing the Letter of Intent by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Secondary Education, Juan Pablo Arroyo Ortiz, and Minister of State for Training, Research and Innovation of Switzerland, Martina HirayamaThe Mexican public servant noted that the purpose of the agreement was to promote dual education, with school and corporate training between the two countries.

In the virtual event, Arroyo Ortiz added that the signing of the letter of intent will be the mechanism that will provide guarantees for Sharing good practices Between both countries, above all, it will provide the possibility for more Swiss companies, with operations in Mexico, to open spaces for junior high school trainees to pursue dual education.

He explained in a statement that this system was formed and implemented, taking into account the principles of New Mexican Schoolwith a humanistic vision that is concerned with the sectors that are not taken into account and that can generate the social welfare of the population.

He noted that the dual education system recognized the great diversity of Mexico and the conditions of schools in their relationship with businesses and their environment.

Swiss Minister of State for Training, Research and Innovation, Martina HirayamaHe affirmed that his country aligns with Mexico’s vision in that education is a critical factor in ensuring the improvement of societies and economies.

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He added that both countries are aware that Academic and Technical Education They have the same value and are not opposed, but they must be coordinated within the sector, so the exchange of experiences ensures that educational systems are modernized and of the best quality.

The Swiss official added that the tool is an opportunity to enhance cooperation between the two agencies in promoting vocational and technical training, as it allows this Learning from the private and productive sectorSo are the students.

He stated that companies such as Nestle and Zurich, among others, have trained apprentices in 20 technical professions, in nine states of the country, with at least 300 coaches or coaches, thus promoting employment and talent development.

Simon Blondin He praised the commitment of the two ministries to renew the agreement, and said that despite the negative effects caused by social distancing and the epidemic, digitization gave continuity to the training of students.

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