Security plan in Barrio Migues: More than 140 detainees leave the first month of police control | National

United Nations Agency – Santiago Municipality (Twitter)


Carabineros handed over the results of the first month of implementing the security plan in the Migues neighborhood. As they specified, more than 140 people were arrested and 20,000 oversights were carried out in the sector.

The police said that More than 140 people were arrested in the first month of the security plan promoted by the government in Mages neighborhoodOn the metropolitan area.

It’s about the police takeover and the recovery of municipal employees Public places taken over through illegal trade that generated a source of insecurity.

This happened after the journalist was killed Francesca Sandoval During the May Day rally, protesters were shot in the symbolic commercial strip of the capital.

As mentioned Carbinery To El Mercurio, during In the first month of implementing the security plan, 146 people were arrested as a result of 20,354 arrests.

To that they add 494 complaints And the confiscation of 58 pieces of illegal trade such as blue umbrellas.

The latter, according to the colonel of the third police station in Santiago, Juan Morales, is the most famous in this sector. “The transcendental change that the Meggs neighborhood has undergone is the restoration of public space, usurped precisely by structures, many of which are of the awning type.”

Via Twitter, Mayor SantiagoAnd the Iraqi Haslerhighlighted thatOver 750 unofficial buildings have been removed from Barrio Meiggs, With more than three daily shifts between government, police and municipality. We will continue to restore our abandoned public spaces for many years.”

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