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Erin and Franklin have been married for 50 years, live in rural Illinois – and they have a secret. When Erin asks if they want to look at the stars tonight, the two go straight to the shed:

Night Sky: Cool can also get tacky

Franklin pushes Erin across the garden in her wheelchair, in the shed they climb up a trap door, go down a small corridor and enter a portal – the kind of room from which they enter another planet after a few seconds. They are viewing planetary landscapes from the viewing room. They’ve been here already 856 times. Camping chairs and blankets attest: you’ve settled in. Imagination can also become banal. Franklin is tired of him: Do we want to go back too slowly? – Asked. Erin wants to stay.

After this trip, a weak man appeared at her gate. Erin and Franklin deal with the arrival of this unexpected guest in different ways: Erin wants to know more about him, worries about the newcomer, and is accommodated. Franklin tries to restore the normal life he so values: without the stranger with his wife. Can’t he just enjoy the rest of life with Eren without having to rearrange everything?

A change he always hoped for

Irene changed: appetite came back again. She often leaves her wheelchair and drives. Her safety is measurable: Her doctor, who was previously very worried, was surprised by Erin’s progress. A change Franklin had always hoped for. But it’s not the trigger, but something Erin finds outside of her quiet, homely life with Franklin.

Night Sky - Official Trailer |  Prime Minister Video |  Photo: Prime Video (via YouTube)

Night Sky – Official Trailer | video head

For Sissy Spacek and JK Simmons, these characters are roles that few older actors would dream about. Sissy Spacek expresses changes in Erin’s health with small, poignant gestures. JK Simmons just needs a touch of facial expression to show off Franklin’s shirt sleeves.

An experiment that is not entirely a failure

“I spent a lot of time with my grandparents, watching how time and aging changed their relationship, and that’s what I wanted to share,” says author Holden Miller. He was inspired by his grandparents for the story of the series. “It’s a little story, and I hope the show conveys it. But there’s also something epic about it — hence the science fiction element.”

Why has there been no talk of the series’ sci-fi plot up to this point? Because it is not equal to a love story. This mix of sorts isn’t a totally failed experiment, but the element of mystery raises Erin and Franklin’s basic needs. The wonderful part of the series “Night Sky” can not be found in a science fiction story, but in an affair. This brings comfort to all of us who don’t have a gate in the garden that leads to another planet.

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