Scientists reveal what the face of humans will be like in a million years

Curiosity to know how the faces of our ancestors were historically generated a lot of interest on the part of scientists from all over the world. Perhaps out of curiosity or perhaps to get an idea of ​​how our faces change over time, the truth is that We have been able to see complete reconstructions of prehistoric bodies.

Some ideas on how our distant ancestors designed From a 3D model based on your bone structure. An approach to our origin reveals hundreds of answers about what it was like to live at the time, and what changes have occurred.

But just as scientific curiosity has been based on knowing what humans were like in the past, so too does this interest turn into an interest in the opposite. As if we were in Gauguin’s painting, the questions are always the same: “Where did we come from? Information about us? Where do we go?”. The latter, specifically, is what you want to discover today. This first study reveals several details.

This will be the people of the future

We won’t be here to see them, and we won’t know for sure how we’ll change over the millennia. Specifically, according to the National Museum of Natural Sciences, Humans could live another two million years, if the climate crisis had not wiped us out before.

In the future, as the team of scientists from Aarhus University in Denmark explains, our face will be determined by the natural history of our evolution. But this time, from a technological point of view a lot more than we can imagine.

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future person

This study indicates that the future is closer to science fiction than to reality as we know it. For this team of scientists, they explained to the BBC, the next step for humans would be to “artificially modify our organs with transplants that improve them”.

A few modifications that would change the lifestyle we know today, change our faces and the organic function of our bodies forever. Experts point out that “it will not be a biological issue, but a technical one.”

human body technology

Improvements to the human body, in fact, are already a reality. Have you heard of humans who describe themselves as breed creatures? They are people who have decided to implant technological devices in their bodies to improve certain aspects of their lives. In Spain there are several examples, such as Barcelona, ​​who implanted two fins in his brain to sense changes in atmospheric pressure, humidity and temperature.

These changes combined with technology to be able to feel things, or to improve certain aspects of our perceptions, according to this study from Denmark, will change all our faces in the future, expanding our sensory capacity.

The research authors specify thatIn addition to brain implants, we may have visible parts of these technologies: such as eye implants with cameras that can read different color and image frequencies.”

It’s not weird, and it’s not too far off either. In fact, Elon Musk has been developing implants of this type for years Neuralink, a company that specializes in developing brain-computer interfaces.

The future, however, is uncertain. The only thing that is known is that, sooner or later, we will end up completely dependent on much needed, but very scary technology.

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