Science has solved a big problem for those of us who wear glasses: no more foggy lenses

They make a compound to make fogging up your glasses a thing of the past. How it works?

Everyone who wears glasses has suffered during the pandemic. Who among us has not seen how an annoying fogging occurs on the windows when wearing a mask, for example? This is something that has caused discomfort and in the networks you can see all kinds of home remedies to avoid this problem. After all, the mask was, for a certain period, a part of us as an extension of our clothing. Luckily, Science has focused on this troubling problem With a very interesting treatment.

It’s something that has always happened, but it has happened on a few occasions, so he wasn’t very forthcoming in resolving this issue. It is true that on other occasions solutions have been implemented because the need to remove the accumulated haze is too obvious. The best example is the empty forehead and the resulting fogging The difference in temperature outside and inside the car. In the case we brought up at the beginning of the story, science already has the perfect formula.

And yes, it is true that there are products that do exist Avoid that annoying film that forms on the glass. This alternative, on the other hand, represents the before and after when it comes to not seeing our vision falter because of this discomfort. Here are the keys and options that science offers us in this regard.

Science solves the problem of fogging windows, so you can avoid it

The proposed solution consists of: Incorporation of innovative gold and ultra-transparent nano-coating. This film is completely invisible and certainly does not affect people’s ability to see. However, the aim of avoiding fogging is achieved thanks to the function achieved by implanting it.

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Thanks to the presence of this protective layer, the layer that blurs vision is prevented. This is because this nano-coating It is able to convert sunlight into heat. It is not an effective software that allows to get light like Standard solar panel equipment, but it is able to develop a basic function like the one mentioned above. Thanks to the installation, its users can see completely without this haze suddenly occurring without warning.

The operation of this technology, as you can see in the previous images, is very precise and of course completely automatic. To understand The method of work With this innovation, the way it works will be similar to what we see, for example, in the rear window of a car. The difference is that the conductive heat wire is caused by the car battery, while the This new technology works without external stimuli. This is undoubtedly its main competitive advantage.

Science has solved a big problem for those of us who wear glasses: no more foggy lenses

One of the reasons glasses get dirty is because they’re foggy. picture: 65 and over

This technology has yet to pass a series of clinical trials, but it is expected that it will be able to be available to the public in the medium term. If this solution is standardized, we will encounter a differential technology in terms of convenience. After all, it must be remembered that there are still a number of professions that are still required to wear a mask, with all that entails in relation to what has been discussed along these lines.

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