School boy takes £40,000 from his uncle and buys a cell phone, shoes and a bike | Version

In the black backpack where he was carrying his notebooks, he hid the money he stole from your uncle. Before the police arrested him, the 13-year-old had bought a cell phone, a bike, sneakers and a speaker. Once he realized that his savings of 40,000 subs had disappeared from his home, Richard Cuban Babuico (32 years old) investigated and found out that the alleged perpetrator would be his nephew, so he went to the police.

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Members of the Ingenio Help Center in Concepcion kept the JTS student (13), who was very loose and said not all of the money was spent.

prosecution. At 6:00 pm on Thursday, clients intervened with the minor, after receiving a complaint from Richard Cuba, in which he said that his nephew had stolen £40,000 that he had kept at his home in Junior Bolivar in Ingenio.

The policemen went to the scene, and found the offender carrying a black backpack.

Examining the backpack, officers found 12,300 soles, a cell phone, a speaker, and a watch. In addition, the minor admitted that he bought a bicycle.

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The student had taken the money after being suspended from IE, after assaulting his partner.

The mother caught the offender’s attention and was taken to the family prosecution. This is the second case of minors who steal money. In homes there must be communication and control and children must be taught to be honest,” commented PNP Colonel Edwan Diaz, President of Divopus.

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