Schoettle-Areal in Stuttgart: what would a new residential neighborhood look like – Stuttgart

District Manager Raiko Gharib presents ideas for the district Photo: Lichtgut / Julian Rettig

Students from the University of Stuttgart develop ideas for a new quarter in the Stuttgart Sud and put them up for discussion. They are not primarily concerned with architecture, but with completely different questions.

Next year, the State Statistics Office (Stala) will leave its position at Böblinger Straße in Heslach and move to Fellbach. The question of what should happen to the complex and the approximately 15,000 square meter Erwin Schoettle site in the future is becoming increasingly urgent. There are also Stuttgart University buildings on the site, which are supposed to become vacant in 2035. Lots of development potential in central Stuttgart Sud.

The decisive factor is who uses and activates space

In a semester project, 19 students of the international master’s program “Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design”, implemented by the Institute for Landscape Planning and the Environment and the Institute for Urban Development at the University of Stuttgart, developed ideas for how a future quarter could be designed at this point. The students were not primarily interested in architecture. Other questions were at the heart of the young scholars’ considerations: the social structure of the new neighborhood, the greening of the districts, affordable housing, but also questions of promoting interaction between residents and the development of the local economy.

What is crucial is “how this space is used, who walks in it, who energizes it, who defines all this and makes the rules,” student Anna Katherine Schneider stressed Sunday when presenting the results at the campus in Bublingerstrasse.

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According to the students, these rules should be set mainly by the people who live here. According to the students, only through their actions does space become just individual places.

How Schoettle-Areal could develop into such a place is exactly what young scientists are currently displaying in an exhibition that can be seen on the campus opposite Erwin-Schoettle-Platz over the next two weeks. In advance, the students discussed their ideas for transforming and redesigning the district in a panel discussion with representatives from politics, administration, culture and social life on Sunday.

Converting the existing building will have environmental benefits

Andreas Hofer, director of the International Construction Show 2027, emphasized that students are “essentially asking the right questions”.

Raiko Ghraib (SPD), director of the Stuttgart Sud region, emphasized that it is important to consider the economic development of the region in this context. “The government statistics office is the third largest employer in the region,” Gharib says. Many retailers also live near the people who work in power.

Thomas Fadini of the Châtetel-Ariel neighborhood of the Citizens Solidarity Initiative emphasized the chances of preserving the Stala Building: “By saving on a new building, you will save a lot of money and resources,” says Fadini. The initiative has been campaigning for nearly two years to ensure affordable housing is built on the site and to avoid vacant jobs. Committee member Kristel Gerstenaker from Naturfreunde Stuttgart also sees environmental advantages in transforming the existing building.

Of course, the prerequisite for creating inexpensive apartments is that the city can buy the building from the state. The building’s mayor, Peter Batzold (The Greens), confirmed in this context that talks about it are currently taking place. “We’re confident we’ll get the building,” Batzold explained.

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IBA Director Hoover was reluctant to speculate that the Schoettle area could become part of the 2027 Building Show: “At the moment, we cannot say how much we will be involved in the Schoettle area,” Hofer said.

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