Scandal on Twitter! They Arrested a Social Networks Engineer Saying They Are “Censoring the Right” and “Communists Are Dying for Them” | News from Mexico

New York, United States. – a loud scandal at Twitter broke out after A video will be leaked in which They arrested an engineer allegedly working on the social network Saying that his owners are “Communists to Die” and those “Censoring the Right”.

According to the name of the youtube channel Project VeritasThe Washington Post quoted an employee identified as Ciro Murugesan “secretly” confesses In front of the hidden camera made by the social media giant “Censoring on the Right”because his co-workers ‘Communists to die’ presumably ‘They don’t believe in freedom of expression’.

“Twitter does not believe in freedom of expression,” says engineer Murugesan.

On the other hand, he asserts that whoever believes in freedom of expression is Elon Musk.

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The Twitter engineer asserts that his colleagues are “communists to die” and that they are “watching the truth.”

“Some of my colleagues are like ultra-lefts, leftists, leftists, leftists, leftists,” the engineer said, adding that many threatened to resign if Musk took the reins and enforced his free speech model.

“Our jobs are at stake: he’s a capitalist, and we weren’t working as capitalists, we were very socialists,” Murugesan said. “We’re all as Commie as FK.”

He said of the task force’s nickname “California Awakening,” “I think it’s like the atmosphere, as if I was there and became such a communist, they call it ‘Comifornia.

Employee says leaning to the left affects Twitter content

Murugesan was also photographed admitting that the company is leaning to the left It directly affects the content of the site.

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“I don’t know [si] He suggested that the two parts really coexist on one platform.

According to Murugesan, those on the right are more likely to tolerate offensive messages, while those on the left will simply refuse and leave the site.

He was recorded telling the engineer, “We’re actually watching the right, not the left,” adding later, “That’s right. There’s bias. That’s what it is today.”

A Twitter employee talks about the company’s environment and management

Murugesan went on to say that Although conservative voices have returned to the site Collectively in light of Musk’s acquisition intent, the employees were too ‘Exhausted eating’ and ‘worrying about our jobs’ After a long time in it Basically everyone can do whatever they want.. You want.”

He was recorded saying, “If you’re not sorry, you can take a few days off.” “People have been on vacation for months.”

“I basically went to work like four hours a week for the last quarter”, he added. “And that’s how our company operates.”

Twitter did not immediately respond. On letters from The Post seeking comment on Tuesday. Project Veritas also said the site has not yet responded to its requests for comment.

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